Asset Integrity Development - AID

AID Business Unit - Short Description

“When it comes to any integrity related problem arising with your assets, we will AID you.” Covering Africa and the Middle Eastern territories, we provide cost effective solutions for plant life extension and facility integrity enhancement through integrating the latest advanced technologies. We empower preventive maintenance mentality as well as higher employee safety through introducing environmental friendly, safe techniques. AID addresses the quality at every stage of the asset life cycle from design, commissioning, maintenance management to decommissioning in the most efficient and cost effective manner. "Long Live Your Assets"

Speciality Coatings


Seaharvest is providing a full range of advanced coating polymers for all applications through its exclusive partnership with Enecon - USA. ENECON has pioneered unique, high performance coating solutions to protect machinery, equipment and plant structures from erosion, corrosion, cavitation, chemical attack, wear & abrasion, impact, hydrostatic pressure issues, as well as problem areas on roofs, walls and floors. Energy conservation and mineral scale control in hard water systems are also targeted client issues. ENECON specializes in providing cost effective and commercially proven solutions for a wide range of repair and preventive maintenance applications in all types of industries: petrochemical, pulp and paper, electrical utilities, mining & quarrying, marine, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, waste water treatment, as well as the U.S. and international defense forces. ENECON is strategically positioned to provide these demanding clients with the finest repair and protection products and services available. ENECON provides ‘industrial. ENECON provides Cost-Effective specialty coating solutions for erosion, corrosion, wear, cavitation, chemical attack-heat, refraction, slip ground.

Advantages of using ENECON:

1. Huge cost reduction as we enable repair than replace mentality

2. Very easy surface preparation required

3. Very easy to use and apply

4. Well renowned performance and reliability all over every corner of the world

5. More than one solution can be suitable depending on the operating conditions

Range of Application:

Pumps, Pipelines, Valves, Tanks, Impellers, Shafts, Machinery, Concrete structures -Roofs, Floors, Steel structures & etc.