Asset Integrity Development - AID

AID Business Unit - Short Description

“When it comes to any integrity related problem arising with your assets, we will AID you.” Covering Africa and the Middle Eastern territories, we provide cost effective solutions for plant life extension and facility integrity enhancement through integrating the latest advanced technologies. We empower preventive maintenance mentality as well as higher employee safety through introducing environmental friendly, safe techniques. AID addresses the quality at every stage of the asset life cycle from design, commissioning, maintenance management to decommissioning in the most efficient and cost effective manner. "Long Live Your Assets"

Asset Protection

Armawrap Description:

Seaharvest through its partnership with NICC-UK provide a very specialized range of Corrosion Resistant coating and flange protectors through the well-known Armawrap brand which have proven to be a robust and effective method of preventing corrosion on tubular structures, whilst at the same time allowing easy removal and re-installation for subsequent work.

• Armawrap Standard: a wraparound corrosion protection system designed to provide an easily installed ‘cold-work’ retrofit encapsulation system for the cladding of subsea pipelines, vertical risers and piles in the splash-zone (can be supplied with anti-foulant coating). Armawrap has the ability to act as a carrier for anti-fouling systems, cold bonded to the outer skin and specifically formulated to prevent the build up of marine growth throughout the operational life of the system.

• Armawrap LP: (low-profile) retains all the technical properties of the standard Armawrap with an additional closure design feature allowing it to pass freely through conductor guide tubes. Specifically designed to facilitate passage through the conductor guide tubes during drilling operations. It is a wraparound corrosion protection and anti-foulant system providing an easily installed retrofit encapsulation system under ‘cold-work’ conditions for the cladding of subsea pipelines, vertical risers and piles in the splash-zone.

• Armawrap VSS: Wraparound, vortex suppression, corrosion protection and anti-foulant system providing an easily installed retrofit encapsulation for subsea pipelines, vertical risers and piles.

• Flange Wrap: Is an individually tailored wrap encapsulating a flange of any size. Constructed of tough neoprene and filled with a combination of gel and corrosion inhibitor.

• POW-R Wrap, POW-R Patch, Freeze Fix & Stic-o-Steel

Advantages of using Armawrap:

1. Armawrap’s elastomeric properties and closure system offer a unique facility of removal and replacement to allow routine inspection of the substrate.

2. Hoop tension imposed on the tough, resilient neoprene outer skin acts to force the inner layer against the substrate surface.

3. The inner layer is impregnated with a gel and corrosion inhibitor which exudes into any surface irregularities, thereby providing a seal and terminating the supply of oxygenated water to the pipe, riser or pile surface.

4. This seal is not simply a barrier to corrosion, but will arrest any existing corrosion.



OXIFREE Description:

Seaharvest is providing the most innovative metal protection product as an authorized partner of OXIFREE Company. Oxifree organic metal encapsulation is an appropriate corrosion and contamination solution to a wide range of industries. Oxifree TM198 is a sprayable polymeric resin coating for the protection of metallic components. It contains organic corrosion inhibitors, is reusable and provides protection against all corrosive contaminants with the key commercial advantage of remaining extremely easy to apply and reuse. In addition Oxifree TM198 contains under 0.5% Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) therefore has no adverse ecological or environmental impact. When applied by a simple heated application machine it provides a pliable polymeric barrier coating, which will protect all types of metal components against galvanic pitting and atmospheric corrosion. Oxifree is designed to create a barrier for a range of vulnerable equipment and components from water and dust ingress. It is ideal for flanges and valves on process piping, and long-term storage of equipment in normal atmospheric conditions, with a key commercial differentiator of being reusable.


• The unique properties of Oxifree eliminate many of the issues and costs associated with the storage of assets.

• Easy to apply either in warehouses or remote locations • 100% protection whether short or long term storage requirements

• Re-usable up to 10 times

• Safe to use and environmentally friendly

• Guarantees the protection of expensive assets

• Corrosion resistant coatings and Anti-Corrosion Coatings

Range of Application:

1. Offshore and onshore installations

2. Pipeline Maintenance

3. Marine & Ship yard

4. Metal Protection