Asset Integrity Development - AID

AID Business Unit - Short Description

“When it comes to any integrity related problem arising with your assets, we will AID you.” Covering Africa and the Middle Eastern territories, we provide cost effective solutions for plant life extension and facility integrity enhancement through integrating the latest advanced technologies. We empower preventive maintenance mentality as well as higher employee safety through introducing environmental friendly, safe techniques. AID addresses the quality at every stage of the asset life cycle from design, commissioning, maintenance management to decommissioning in the most efficient and cost effective manner. "Long Live Your Assets"

Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitor


A full range of corrosion inhibitors is available to protect ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including formulations that protect combinations of metals. . The protective invisible layer deposited by Cortec Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors (VpCI) needs no removal. No degreasing, scraping, cleaning, or further preparation is necessary before processing, installation, or use. Your VpCI protected components, parts, and finished assemblies are ready for immediate use. Cortec’s barrier coatings are easily removed with conventional cleaning methods.


1. Vaporizes-Conditions enclosed atmosphere with a protective vapor.

2. Vapor condenses on all metal surfaces-Ions dissolve in moisture layer (water electrolyte)

3. Protective ions are attracted to metal surfaces-Ions form a thin molecular protective layer at the metal surface

4. Protective layer re-heals and self-replenishes through further condensation of the vapor.

5. VpCI combines with other functional properties: Antistatic, Lubricating, Cleaning, Paint Removing, Desiccant, Polymeric, Coatings, Rust Removing, Fire Retarding.

Range of Application:

1. Protection during in-plant processing.

2. Medium-term protection for shipment and storage.

3. Extended protection for lay-up, mothballing, and field service