Wellbore Technology Solution - WTS

WTS Business Unit - Short Description

Energy is now a world’s leading industry. Seaharvest in partnership with top manufacturers worldwide provides outstanding quality services & supplies to the growing energy sector in Egypt & the MENA region. Rental & supply of Down Hole Equipment, Casing Accessories & Cementing, Waste Management, and Artificial Lifting are our area of technical expertise and fast response services. It’s your assurance that Seaharvest will deliver best performance, quality and consistency, "Enhancing Drilling & Production Processes".

Artificial Lifting

Seaharvest’s Artificial Lift division is a true partner and worldwide source for complete Artificial Lift equipment and packaged solutions. Our Artificial Lift professionals collaborate with you to properly evaluate well conditions and provide customized artificial lift solutions that will optimize your production. We have a proven experience in supplying, servicing, and consulting activities related to Artificial Lifting Systems, Thanks to our leading vendors that play a withstanding role in the ALS market, and still keeping their worldwide ranks at the lead in all fields of Artificial Lift:Sucker Rod Pump (Beam pump & Hydraulic power unit), Progressing Cavity Pumps (PCP), Hydraulic Lift (Jet pump & Piston pump), Plunger Lift, Electric Submersible Pump (ESP), Gas Lift and ALS Accessories & Related Products.

Hydraulic power unit

Our system consists of a long stroke Hydraulic pumping unit suitable for wells completed with sucker rods. It utilizes electronic and hydraulic equipment and computer monitoring systems for extracting fluids in an extremely efficient manner in non-eruptive wells. Simply, this technology extended the application of sucker rods to new lands where a higher production rates with low costs & longer time life is required. Higher efficiency of the down-hole pump, Reducing bottom hole equipment wear (Rods, Pump, Tubing) and reduced number of work-overs during the well’s life, Reducing Rod String Fatigue, Reduced Gas Locking and Fluid pound problems, No need for civil works, Easy to Rig up &can be easily used for well testing , Perfectly suitable for pumping from offshore platforms, No peak torque limitation.

Sucker rod systems

Seaharvest Provides Rod Pumping Systems of high performance, that are ideal for many oil and gas applications. These systems optimize production, reduce production costs and maximize well profitability. Also Seaharvest has a wide range of sucker rod accessories, like: Polished rod, Stuffing box, Couplings, Rod guides, Down hole pumps (Tubing, Insert), control line protectors, Spooling units, downhole gas/solids & sands separators, etc.

Progressive cavity pumps

Progressing Cavity Pumping Systems are designed for use in both oil production and dewatering applications where the economics of production demand efficiency, reliability and low life-cycle cost from the production equipment.

Seaharvest supply and service the PCP

Rotor, Stator, Torque anchor, Coupling and cross over, VSD with control panel, Sheaves, Test bench for new & used pumps.

Hydraulic Lift (Jet pumps & Piston Pumps)

Seaharvest is partner to one of the largest global provider of hydraulic lift systems. Hydraulic pumping systems produce economically and reliably at high rates from deep wells with solids, sand, paraffin, heavy oil, water, gas or corrosive fluids. The hydraulic lift has a wide application in the different reservoir conditions; for example, jet pumps are used with higher pressure reservoirs while hydraulic piston pumps are geared towards low reservoir pressure applications.

Electric Submersible Pumps (ESP)

- ESP is the aim for those who seek a uniform high production rates.

- Our vendors specialize in electrical submersible pumping systems and innovative production solutions. We’re not just selling equipment, we’re building lasting production partnerships.

- One of the well sounding products we provides in the ESP system is the Cross Coupling Protector.

Gas Lift

Seaharvest provides Gas Lift Systems of high quality. Our systems can utilize both wireline and tubing retrievable deployment options. In addition, we have a combination lift system, in which gas lift and hydraulic lift are both used. This system utilizes Jet Lift initially to kick off liquid loaded wells (ex: after Frac jobs) until gas shows up.