Wellbore Technology Solution - WTS

WTS Business Unit - Short Description

Energy is now a world’s leading industry. Seaharvest in partnership with top manufacturers worldwide provides outstanding quality services & supplies to the growing energy sector in Egypt & the MENA region. Rental & supply of Down Hole Equipment, Casing Accessories & Cementing, Waste Management, and Artificial Lifting are our area of technical expertise and fast response services. It’s your assurance that Seaharvest will deliver best performance, quality and consistency, "Enhancing Drilling & Production Processes".

Waste Management

Solid Control Equipment

Seaharvest began operation in early 2001 doing developmental and engineering work on solid control equipment and mud handling systems used on drilling rigs. The company has been involved in furthering solids control technology for oil and mining industries since its inception. We also developed a line of pre-tensioned screen panels, which provide superior life, are resistant to wear and allow for the fastest “Screen Change” of any machine in operation at this time.

Product lines:




Mud Cleaners

Cutting Driers


Screen Panels

Complete Mud Systems


Centerfugial pumps

Vaccum Degasser

Mud Gas Separator