Wellbore Technology Solution - WTS

WTS Business Unit - Short Description

Energy is now a world’s leading industry. Seaharvest in partnership with top manufacturers worldwide provides outstanding quality services & supplies to the growing energy sector in Egypt & the MENA region. Rental & supply of Down Hole Equipment, Casing Accessories & Cementing, Waste Management, and Artificial Lifting are our area of technical expertise and fast response services. It’s your assurance that Seaharvest will deliver best performance, quality and consistency, "Enhancing Drilling & Production Processes".

Multi-purpose pump systems & Solutions

Mud pumps (Triplex, Quadruplex & etc.)

Triplex pump

Designed, manufactured, and tested in USA and Canada, our Triplex mud pumps are available in 1000, 1300 and 1600 horsepower configurations and are compatible with parts from Ideco pumps, thereby requiring less inventory parts.

Quadraplex “Qautro” pump

With the highest flow rate and standard pressure rating available on the market today, while overcoming the many design flaws of traditional triplex pumps, the quadraplex "Quatro" has made a giant leap in oil drilling equipment technology.

Expendables (Vendor-NOV)

We provide a full line of Mission expendable solutions for reciprocating pumps with our Fluid King expendable products. Fluid King provides a comprehensive family of products to meet the needs of most all OEM pump manufacturers in addition to the broad line of National Oilwell Varco pumps.

Air Compressors

We offer a complete line of air system products including rotary screw compressors with the highly efficient Sigma Profile and the Sigma Control system, Mobilair portable compressors, Omega rotary lobe blowers, vacuum packages, refrigerated and desiccant dryers, filters, condensate management systems and a variety of related products.

Product lines:

• Industrial Rotary Screw Compressors

• Air Treatment Products

• Compressed Air Piping

• Rotary Lobe Blowers

• Portable Compressors

• Rotary Screw Vacuum Packages