Wellbore Technology Solution - WTS

WTS Business Unit - Short Description

Energy is now a world’s leading industry. Seaharvest in partnership with top manufacturers worldwide provides outstanding quality services & supplies to the growing energy sector in Egypt & the MENA region. Rental & supply of Down Hole Equipment, Casing Accessories & Cementing, Waste Management, and Artificial Lifting are our area of technical expertise and fast response services. It’s your assurance that Seaharvest will deliver best performance, quality and consistency, "Enhancing Drilling & Production Processes".

Casing & Cementing

OCTG - Oil country tubular goods

Seaharvest provide a wide range of different Casing Grades as the following: K55 Casing Pipe, N80 Casing Pipe, L80 Casing Pipe & P110 Casing Pipe


Seaharvest offers centralization for all type of casing; such centralization differs with the different well profile and well angle using the latest placing Software to determine the kind of centralization according to well requirements

Non Welded One piece Slip on Bow Centralizer

Expand-O-Lizer Sub (Heavy Duty, High Integrity tool for under reamed application)

Hinged Bow Centralizer

Positive Centralizer

Sold Body centralizer (Aluminum / Zinc)

Top Reach Glider

The Top Reach Glider is:

  • a low drag centralizer used in long reach horizontal drilling programs.
  • a centralizer molded from a thermoset polymer proprietary formulation, with vane quantity and width dependent on pipe and open hole size.
  • The vanes feature a shallow 20° chamfer on the tip to reduce friction and improve ease of running into the hole.
  • Our response to the increasing applicability and longer reach of highly inclined and horizontal wells. We developed these centralizers by first identifying some of the main challenges encountered in these types of wells: Increased drag, torque & tortuosity - Higher side forces - Increased possibilities of dirty holes - Decreased fluid displacement efficiencies - Increased equivalent circulating densities


- Works equally well in both cased hole and open hole regardless of deviation.

- Lower drag when running through cased hole sections and out into open hole through milled sections.

- Provides enhanced clean up and cement placement properties.

- Lowest friction co-efficient of any centralizer available today.

- The Blade Runner's patented Ultra-Low Friction buttons perform through even the longest casing runs.

- Centralization Software (Centra Design)

Centralizer placement

Proper placement of casing centralizers is necessary to obtain a good standoff profile and primary cement job. CentraDesign calculates the centralizer placement, casing standoff and torque and drag for ERD or deviated wellbore. It decides the minimum number of centralizers and determines their optimum placement. User can flexibly combine "specify spacing" and "specify standoff" modes for different sections of casing / liner using either bow string or rigid centralizers.

- 3D well path visualization

- Torque and drag

- Casing deflection and bow compression

- Bow-spring and rigid centralizers

- Tubular and centralizer database

- Tripping animation with torque and drag profiles

- Casing flotation

- MS Word report

- US oil field, SI and customized unit.

Floating Equipment

Float equipment contains or acts as a check valve preventing backflow of cement into the casing. Once casing is in place the separation of two hydrostatic columns of fluid and maintenance of differential pressure is achieved using float equipment while sustaining the goal of preventing backflow.

- Standard Floating Equipment

- Non-Rotating Floating Equipment

Casing guide Shoes

Casing Guide Shoe has been specifically designed to be installed on Casing, Liner and Screen where operators have concerns about potentially difficult of wellbore, post drilling and prior to running casing. Design Characterstics (Advantages of using this casing shoes):

a. New “well-bore” seeking guide nose will negotiate troublesome formations. Profiled nose has the ability to freely orientate off obstructions.

b. New dynamically positioned circulating ports for effective hole cleaning. A single diverging port on the nose to maximize and maintain circulation. Recessed up-jet angled ports assist cuttings removal and hole cleaning and gives 360 degree cement placement.

c. New innovative self-cleaning cutting structure. Superior innovative tapered cutting structure of Tungsten Carbide Button Inserts. Solids will not stick and there are no sharp extrusions to damage wellhead seals and tubular. Due to the unique insert overlapping design tool rotation is not required.

d. Anti-aggressive left hand blades will minimize torque. This non-aggressive reaming action eliminates stalling and minimizes torque build up on thread connections.

e. Pen-o-trator is complete with a positive seal PDC drillable spring operated poppet valve. The phenolic material valve is designed to withstand high temperature, large volumes of fluid pumped at high flow rates. Valve is suitable for both high and low pressure conditions.

f. The slick body design has eliminated potential areas, which can trap solids and cuttings.

g. Easy drill-out capability. The Pen-o-trator can be drilled out utilizing PDC or roller cone bits.

Recommended to be used in wells where the following criteria is evident/expected:

- Swelling formations that may hamper / stop the passage of tubular.

- Ledges in the well bore that may hamper / stop the passage of tubular.

- Washed out areas in the well bore that may hamper / stop the passage of tubular.

Packers Systems

One way to assist in controlling gas migration after the casing string is in place is through the use of a mechanical barrier, such as a Casing Annulus Packer (CAP). The Swellable Packer is a packer that swells upon contact with wellbore fluids. Separate elastomers are available that will swell in water based fluids or oil based fluids.

Product Lines:

- Multi-Set Inflatable Packers

- Swellable Packer

- Bridge Plugs

Inflatable Bridge Plugs are available for a wide variety of Applications:

Temporary or Permanent models

Sizes for hole diameter from 2” thru 40”

Open or Cased Holes

Vertical or Horizontal wells

Expansion capabilities up to 3:1

Run and retrieved on Drill Pipe

Tubing, Coiled Tubing

E-Line or Slickline.


Cement & concrete materials

Cement is a hydraulic binder which hardens independently when mixed with water and remains solid in air as well as in water. The essential raw materials for the cement production are lime stone, clay and sand. With Our partnership with Dyckerhouff as the biggest Cement supplier in the market We span the entire value chain, from the raw materials required, and production, to construction-related consulting and other services. We are a direct partner to the construction and construction materials industry as well as to the building materials trade. Our production is continually adapted to the latest state of the art in construction materials technology, and is aligned to the principles of sustainable corporate management. We lead the market in binder and concrete technology.

Our cement is firmly established in numerous constructions: large and famous, small and neat, just next door and everywhere in the world.