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DSS Business Unit - Short Description

“We are MENA’s One Stop Shop for oil field supplies and logistical services”
From the simplest pin to the largest equipment, from a simple transport operation to a complex multimodal solution, from temporary storage to inventory management, Supply Chain Oilfield Services Unit professionals are glad to offer you the full support and help. Our value chain consultants will help you forecast your needs, choose the right time to buy, build stocks for your materials and other supply chain activities that will help you minimizing your cost while maintaining the highest quality of services and products.

SEAHARVEST Oil & Gas makes the perfect utilization of SEAHARVEST Group resources to offer a bundle of products and services that add value to its clients;
Combining large up to date fleet with the latest business software solutions with the best supply chain management team in the market.

Management Services

Procurement Management:

  • Procurement is the process of identifying which client needs can be best met by procuring products or services. It involves considering whether to procure, how to procure, what to procure, how much to procure, and when to procure.
    • Our buyers follow the below steps to offer an effective procurement model to SEAHARVEST Clients:
      • Data collection
      • Market research
      • RFQs

      • Negotiation

      • Contracting
      • Implementation
      • Feedback and continuous development

Inventory Management:

  • It isn’t just retail stores that must manage inventories. In fact, inventories pervade the business world. Maintaining inventories is necessary for any company dealing with physical products, including manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers.
  • The primary objectives of inventory management are:
    • To minimize the possibility of disruption in the production schedule of a firm for want of raw material, stock and spares.
    • To keep down capital investment in inventories.
  • The effective inventory management model developed by SOS Unit will:
    • Maintain sufficient stock of raw material in the period of short supply and anticipate price changes.
    • Ensure a continuous supply of material to production department facilitating uninterrupted production.
    • Minimize the carrying cost and time.
    • Maintain sufficient stock of finished goods for smooth sales operations.
    • Ensure that materials are available for use in production and production services as and when required.
    • Ensure that finished goods are available for delivery to customers to fulfill orders, smooth sales operation and efficient customer service.
    • Minimize investment in inventories and minimize the carrying cost and time.
    • Protect the inventory against deterioration, obsolescence and unauthorized use.
    • Maintain sufficient stock of raw material in period of short supply and anticipate price changes.
    • Control investment in inventories and keep it at an optimum level.

Transport Management:

  • Inbound and outbound transportation management, fleet management, warehousing, materials handling, order fulfillment and management of third party logistics services providers.
  • Reverse logistics and returns management:
    • Reverse logistics is more than just return management, it is working and integrating with client to avoid returns
    • Maintaining the remaining value of the goods returning and where it may reenter the supply chain such as:
      • Unsold goods

      • Reusing packaging
      • Rental goods